Tips for a Beautiful lawn this Summer

While there are lots of variables in achieving the perfect lawn, one of the best things you can do is use a lawn fertilizer.

I know, who really wants to push a cart of fertilizer around the yard in the Houston Heat. Well good news, All of our technicians are trained on installing integrated fertilizing systems directly into your existing sprinkler system, that’s right, it’s automatically diluted to the appropriate strength and spread evenly on your lawn as you run your regular watering schedule.
Give us a call or read more about it “here” and we can tell you all about it and what it typically takes to integrate a fertilizing system.

Efficient watering is key to keeping a healthy lawn

During every visit we will check your watering times for each zone and give any recommendations we have on increasing or decreasing times, adjusting the output of your sprays or even moving heads that worked years ago but as your flower beds and trees grow, they may require some tweaking to the sprinkler layout.

Cutting your grass often

While we won’t cut your grass for you , it is a great way to thicken up your grass.  If your lawn crew comes every other week, get out there and cut it on their off weeks. It’s good exercise and will help you keep an eye on your yard as you mow. I’ve found low spot that are a haven for mosquitoes, and funny thing is my yard guys never told me. I added some topsoil, seeded and that area looks great and mosquitoes won’t be breeding their anymore.

Weed Control

If only our plants grew as fast as weeds… Well good news, the fertilizing system we previously mentioned above also comes in different variety, one being weed control in addition to lawn fertilizer. Learn more about that “Here”

Lawn Aeration

While water does carry air in it, if it doesn’t make it to the roots, it’s not getting the maximum benefits of the water, Also hard compact soil doesn’t help, so aerating your law isn’t a bad addition to your annual prep for summer.